inFamous: Second Son

When the PlayStation 4 was first announced, the third instalment of inFamous was to be one of the platform’s premier launch titles. Excited fans of the franchise aside, the game would be the kind of release that would not only provide the player with a great experience, but would also showcase the new Sony console’s impressive power. And inFamous: Second Son has managed to live up to many of those expectations, providing the player with an impressive and immersive game set in a massive playground. But while developers Sucker Punch were concentrating on aiming for technical brilliance, it seems that their focus on other important aspects of the title waned just a little.

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Infamous Second Son

Type: open world action-adventure video game
Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Console: PlayStation 4
Release Date: – March 21, 2014

InFamous 2 | Release Dates:

USA – June 7, 2011
Europe – June 10, 2011
Australia – May 25, 2011
Japan – 2011

InFamous 2 | Info:

Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform: PlayStation 3
Genre: Open world
Mode: Single-player
Media: Blu-ray Disc

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InFamous 2 | Game description

inFamous 2 starts exactly at the spot where it was finished in the first part. The original InFamous followed a messenger by the name of Cole who faced a lot of tough moral choices after the explosion of a mysterious bomb endowed him with the powers to control electricity and was forced to co-operate with the FBI to uncover a conspiracy revolving around a terrorist organization called The First Sons and their mysterious leader by the name of Kessler – one of the characters of inFamous 2.

InFamous 2: Cole’s powers to control electricityInFamous 2: Cole’s powers to control electricity

In inFamous 2 Cole leaves Empire City left behind for a fictional metropolis called New Marais, based on New Orleans. The Ray Sphere has left most of the city in ruins, but gives Cole some new powers, which he’ll definately need to fight the new enemies that Kessler mentioned in InFamous.

Cole escapes from the dying city, saving his life and moves to New Marais, where he plans to recover for the next couple of years and to meet again with the monstrous-looking creatures. The city itself is a kind of Mexican variation on New Orleans: the low houses with bright illumination, there are  bell tower churches visible through the background.  The new terrain, new image, no connections with the past, but Zeke – the developers of inFamous 2 themselves have hinted that it is quite another story.

Also in inFamous 2 Cole’s is to get a few new abilities. In addition to the voracious monster hero he is going to meet face to face with a charismatic leader Bertrand, who had seized power in New Marais. Bertrand announces a hunt on Cole, saying that such a personalities undermine law and order in the city.

In the first InFamous, Cole could only punch and kick. In inFamous 2, Cole will have a new gadget – Gigantic cattle prod, which looks like a giant fork. Sucker Punch is also mentioned “vertical sliding”, which should facilitate the movement of the hero in the city of inFamous 2.

And now, a year later Cole appears in inFamous 2 in a new guise. In the first part Cole wears jacket in Bruce Lee style replaced by some teenager with a tattoo in inFamous 2. The voice of the electric superhero is also changed: instead of raucous and impressive now it is light and ironic. For those who are not familiar with the original, changing the character, not likely to spoil the gaming experience. Developers are justifying that they wanted to make a character closer to a wider audience of Infamous 2 fans.

InFamous 2 | Features
  • True Superhero Experience – Discover what it means to be a true superhero with epic boss battles and powerful cinematic sequences.
  • Advanced Super Powers – Experience being a full-blown superhero with enhanced electrical attacks, a visceral melee fighting system and new superpowers.
  • All-New Open Dynamic World – Explore a vibrant world in the city of New Marais with increased interactivity and destruction using dynamic parkour moves.
  • New Morality System – The new morality system gives players freedom of choice and leads to 2 different endings

In the “simulator of a superhero” (as employees of Sucker Punch called the genre of inFamous 2), this time really different endings are planned  depending on the style of passing. The concept of “exclusive electrical power” is slightly changed and the developers added Cole the ability to freeze things. Developers of inFamous 2 are promising a dynamic chamber in action scenes, a variety of missions and a hard moral choice almost through every step.

InFamous 2 | Additional Information:

  • There will be new types of enemies, “militia” and “mutants”;
  • Cole can now use meele weapons
  • New superpowers
  • Cole will be able to interact with the environment to take advantage of it
  • Residents of the city become more active and varied
  • Closer cooperation with friendly NPCs
  • Cinematic gameplay, affecting the dynamics of the game and its visual perception.;
  • Cole’s sidekick Zeke will assist in performing some tasks

Not a lot of people had high hopes for InFamous 2, but a lot were impressed with the great level design and thrilling gameplay. InFamous 2 was unveiled at E3 2010 and we’ll be reunited with our electrifying hero in early June of 2011

Some journalists who were lucky enough to try the demo version of Infamous 2 on E3 2010, noted that the quality of Cole’s detalization is on the same high level as Nathan Drake in Uncharted 2. When using the superpowers in mid air now not only sends people and cars flying, but a lot of other facilities such as telephone booths and garbage cans, producing a tornado effect.

If all the promises of the developers of Infamous 2 will be realized that a sequel will be different from Infamous as Uncharted: Drake’s fortune from Uncharted 2: Among thieves. So it will be a fun, entertaining, and simply better game. According to the first trailer it is still difficult to judge the quality extent of the new game from Sucker Punch Infamous 2. At first glance it was the Globe project, which has proven later to be a hit, style and plot and has bitten freeplay project from Activision – Prototype.

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